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Roll Holders

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Roll holders are available on all of our workbenches.  We have many varieties of holders that will accommodate foam, paper, bubble wrap, and even gift wrap.  Most roll holders mount to the workstation overhead structure, but some of the mount below, beside or even to the rear the workbench.  Most rolls of packing material have a large diameter and take up quite a bit of space.  We have come up with multiple ways to get this material out of the work area but still within easy reach of the operator. 

Products in this category

72" (4) Way Adjustable Spool Holder

The (4) way adjustable spool holder will mount to any work bench with an overhead structure.  The unit will adjust in elevation on the support uprights and also has 12" of front to back adjustment.  These spool holders will accommodate the basic brown packaging paper, along with larger diameter bubble wrap rolls if positioned higher on the over-head structure uprights.

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48" Side Mount Spool Holder

The 24" deep side mount spool holder will accomidate rolls up to 48" diameter (custom depths available).  Each unit can mount to the left or right side of a packing workbench and includes a guide that mounts to the worksurface to hold the material.  All units that willl height adjust to work with all the adjustable height workstations we offer.

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72" (Below Top) Spool Holder

The 72" below worksurface roll holder is available on all of the workbenches we manufacture.  The Leg struts on the workbench are raised up from the standard location to center the bar on the height of the leg.  All roll holder bars simply cradle into a set of clips that are welded to the leg.

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Double Deck Adjustable Spool Holder

Any work bench with an overhead structure can have another set of uprights added to extend the  structure up to 11'.  The unit includes a pair of uprights that will adjust up and down on the back side of the existing overhead structure.  All units include a height adjustable spool holder with 24" extension arms.

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16" Long Tape Arm

This simple 16" tape arm is a great accessory that provides an area to store un-used rolls of tape.  The arm has a (2) hole bolt plate that will attach to any work bench with an overhead structure and adjust up height on the support uprights. This is an inexpensive item available on all of our packing tables

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