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Featured Custom Project

Adjustable L-Shaped Workstation

We offer L-shaped workstations in many sizes and multiple configurations.  We use our standard size worksurfaces to create any size work area and join them together with a corner unit that will connect one surface to the other.  This unit includes an electric hydro-lift that offers 12" of height adjustment with the touch of a button.  Other accessories include the overhead structure with tiltable light fixture, 16" x 64" steel shelf with adjustable angle, 72" tool track with (2) heavy duty pneumatic torque arms, and 6 outlet strip.  Two of these L-shaped units together will create a U-shaped work cell ...

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Corrugated Storage Rack

This corrugated rack is the ideal solution for storing broken down cardboard boxes.  This particular unit includes (9) adjustable shelves that adjust on 1" increments, and a 50" h x 72" w x 24" d large carton storage area with partitions to create (10) cardboard storage slots.   Racks can be created with our 87" h x 36" w x 24" d basic shelving units and can be modified to meet a specific customers specifications at any time.

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Heavy Duty (5) Level Feeder Cart

This (5) level feeder cart was built to hold extremely heavy products.  The conveyor rollers used are 8' long x 24" wide and are set (3) wide on each elevation.  All levels are height and angle adjustable and include a 1" high front stop to keep items from falling off.  This unit is ideal for storing finished product or inventory necessary to complete certain processes

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Roller Conveyor Work Station

This unit was designed for a particular shipping process for heavy packages.  The operator would take product from the incoming conveyor and repackage it into another carton and then roll it down the work surface to the outgoing conveyor line.  Packages needed to be turned befor going onto the outgoing line so we added ball transfers to make it an easy transition.  We installed a height adjustable lift system within the fully welded leg structure and an overhead shelving system for broken down cardboard boxes.  Also included is a full depth lower shelf and (2) 36" light fixtures that were ...

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Product Highlights

2 Level Flow Rack with Skate Wheel Rollers

This flow rack features 2 levels of 12" wide x 48" deep skate wheel rollers that are supported by uprights that are inset 12" in the front and rear.  This helps position the rack closer to the operator by allowing the rollers to hang over the work surface to house product within a comfortable reach.  All levels are height and angle adjustable and the roller overhang can be adjusted as well.

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Popular Products

3 Wide Mobile Drawer Unit

This three wide modular drawer cart includes (9) 5" high and (3) 11" high roller bearing drawers that are 14" wide x 23" deep. All drawers have 20" roller bearing slides with a 75# capacity each. Steel drawers have a simple bolt together design which will allows drawers to be added to or reconfigured at any time. All drawer units include (4) 4" swivel locking casters and push handle for easy movement when necessary. All modular drawer units offer the choice of maple, plastic laminate, or steel worksurfaces.

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Packing Workbench # 8

This economical packing/shipping workbench will help organize items necessary with most applications.  The accessories offered cover most of the basic needs and can always have other accessories added in the future as the process evolves.  This unit includes the (4) way adjustable spool holder, 12" deep adjustable height steel shelf, 16" deep adjustable height carton shelf with hoop dividers, a 24" full depth bottom shelf, and a 14" w x 16" l x 5" h  roller bearing drawer.

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