Consulting & Design Services

Stackbin holds a great deal of pride for the custom workbench and storage solutions we have provided our customers over the years. We intimately understand that a standard offering of products or accessories may not be the ideal solution for your workplace, so we work with you from concept to manufacturing and installation to provide you with the best possible workspace solution. The process begins with a consultation call to discuss the tasks to be performed within the workspace and the overall area specs available. Stackbin then goes into the planning phases choosing the products and accessories we manufacture for the workspace, if there is a particular accessory needed that we do not currently offer, we design a custom accessory for it. This design is then presented as a 3D model that can be viewed from all angles in any current web browser.

Existing System Integration

In many cases, workstations need to be developed within an already existing facility taking into consideration product or service flow of that facility. We have designed a great deal of solutions that work within or around existing conveyor systems, shipping facilities, office spaces and manufacturing facilities. Give us a call today to find out more.

Workspace Installation

The workstations and storage solutions we manufacture are usually very robust and while typically shipped unassembled, we also ship many workstations fully assembled. We understand that the installation of these products can be labor intensive so pre-assembly, while adding to the cost of freight, is a plug and play solution.