Through one of our respected dealers, Stephen Gould, we consulted with Quanta Computer to design an assembly line of workstations. The single workstation shown below are installed in sets of 10 units that create the conveyor line. We manufactured 70 units for the facility and the design is based on our Lean Manufacturing framework.

Assembly Line Conveyor top Workstation for Quanta Computing

The concept is that technicians working at each of the stations, with a focused process in the line, would be able to move computers and parts down the line on an ESD tray to the next process. The end of the line has a stop, then the assembled computer is placed on a conveyor and the ESD tray is placed on the angled skate wheel roller shelf below and returned to the start of the line for the next series of assembly.

The massive 68" x 40" upper shelf is available for the stocking of assembly parts that can be restocked from the backside of the workstation. The overhead structure and lighting provides ample illumination of the working surface, and the document holder allows the tech to post pertinent product data for the assembly process.

As with all of our Lean Manufacturing workstations, it starts with a very rugged full-welded box-tube frame. The shelf and other overhead accessories are completely adjustable. The main shelf can be adjusted front to back, up and down, and the angle can be changed as well. On this particular unit, the return roller shelves can be adjusted up/down and the angle can be adjusted to allow for gravity to return the tray to the beginning of the line.

Once we completed the discovery and consultation process, we provided a 3D model that allowed the customer a clear view of the solution and allow them to provide feedback to dial the design in. This 3D can be viewed at:

Roller top workstation rendering