We teamed up with our friends at Crown Lift to provide the following solutions for Mouser, a leader in the marketplace for electrical components. They installed some new Autostore robotic stocking/picking towers and needed some stations to pack orders. We consulted with them on the required workflow and designed some very unique units.

ASRS Sorting Workstation

The "ASRS" sorting workstations are located at the bottom of the Autostore towers where the components being fulfilled for orders are produced from the stock in the tower. The challenge with this station was that there was a conveyor on the floor at the backside of the station, thus the 2-legged wings. The wings are through-bolted to the main table frame. When the stations were installed next to each other, they created "workpods" with a steel privacy screen between the 2 users. We built, assembled and shipped 42 of these units to Mouser.

As always for custom projects, we provided a 3D model so we could dial in the design with Mouser. It can be viewed at: https://a360.co/2Ybuh3O

"Conveyor" Workstation

Another unique station was this packing station that is located on the conveyor line and used for packing the picked products from the Autostore system. It has a 2 level work surface, multitude of cubbies, roll holder and slots in the face to feed stickers and labels through with a full-welded steel frame. We delivered almost 60 of these units.

The 3D design can be viewed at: https://a360.co/3pwPbpE

"VLM" Packing Station

Two versions of these stations were built, one with cubbies below the work surface, the other with a stainless pull-out tray. Both have the offset bin rails, monitor arms and label printer trays.

The 3D model provided can be viewed at:  https://a360.co/3dgpDtJ

Bander Table

We built a frame for the bander tables they were planning on using with a sample unit they provided. The solution provided served two purposes, to allow the ability to have an overhead structure on the table, but also to raise the table to a better working height for the user. The strapping table was bolted into holsters on the base of the frame.