Through one of our trusted dealers, MAG Material Handling out in California, we designed and built these packing workstations for Toyota. The design made use of every inch of available space for storage. An electric hydrolift allows the user to change the workheight on the fly with a push of a button. These stations were built in left and right configurations and Toyota requested a custom color as seen here.

The overhead carton shelf is infinitely adjustable up and down and it has front lip on it to keep items from falling off. 

The 1-3/4" thick top with stainless steel skin includes a scale drop for a weigh scale that brings the surface almost flush with the top.

The stations were also outfitted with a custom stapler holster and quick-release air fitting. There is also an 8-outlet power strip under the back of the top for quick power access.

Finished off with 23" depth drawers and a label printer stand. We also make pull-out printer shelves for all sized label and receipt printers.

The 3D design can be viewed at: