18" High Raised Shelf (Fixed Height)

The 18" high steel raised shelf is available in (4) different lengths, and can mount to any workbench. Most riser units attach to the top worksurface (on steel tops they mount from the side), and can be stacked up on top of each other up to 36" high. Providing shelves are the same length, the 6" and 12" high raised shelves can also interstack with the 18" high riser. We offer other items such as rear backplates, full rear enclosure panels, and electrical strips that will mount to any of our raised shelf units

Work Height:
Steel Specs: 16 Gauge Support and 16 Gauge Shelf
Construction: Formed Steel Bolted
Capacity: 50.00 lbs.
Ship Weight: 27.0 lb

SKU: 4-3EH
Price shown does not include the current steel surcharge. Please call 1 (800) 333-1603 to talk to a sales rep.