2000 Series Fixed Height Ergonomic Frame


This workstation frame has a fixed workheight of 30 1/4" inches [with custom work heights available] and a weight capacity of 1000 pounds (evenly distributed). Designed with ergonomics in mind, the front leg strut of this table is set back to allow for ease of movement in front of the workstation. Custom computer desks and tables can be configured with this style frame with the capability of being able to bolt any of the accessories we offer to this unit at any time.

Work Height: 32" (With 1-3/4" Top)
Steel Specs: 14 Gauge Legs, with 16 Gauge Stringer
Construction: Full Arc Welded Legs, Bolted Stringer
Capacity: 1000.00 lbs.
Ship Weight: 45.0 lb

SKU: 4-42000
Price shown does not include the current steel surcharge. Please call 1 (800) 333-1603 to talk to a sales rep.