2500 Series Electric Lift Mobile Workbench


The 2500 Series mobile height adjustable work table revolutionizes height adjustability with its innovative electric hydraulic lift mechanism, providing a generous 12 inches of stroke at the touch of a button. The sturdy 'H-Frame' base ensures this workbench's robust structural integrity, making it an essential choice for any mobile application. Elevate your workspace and productivity with this cutting-edge, height-adjustable solution.

Work Height: 34" - 36" (With 1-3/4" Top)
Steel Specs: 14g base + 16g accessories
Construction: Arc Welded & Bolted
Capacity: 1000.00 lbs.
Ship Weight: 220.0 lb

SKU: C4830-2500-E
Price shown does not include the current steel surcharge. Please call 1 (800) 333-1603 to talk to a sales rep.