"Small" Mobile Bin Unit


The Mobile Bin Unit (MBU) is a mobile, modular, and expandable storage system that allows for easy transport of parts through a facility. The 1200-pound capacity MBU has a 37 x 21-inch base and a height of 50-1/2". Bins unclip from the rails for restocking and easier access. The beauty of this system is that you can start with a few rows and expand at any time. The ease of movement an MBU offers is perfect for restocking programs.

Work Height:
Steel Specs: 13 Base and 18 Gauge Bins
Construction: Spot Welded and Bolted, Bins Clip On
Capacity: 1200.00 lbs.
Ship Weight: 260.0 lb

SKU: 1-01MMBU5-54
Price shown does not include the current steel surcharge. Please call 1 (800) 333-1603 to talk to a sales rep.